§ 565.



The author of any ballot argument otherwise complying with the provisions of this Article may submit a petition containing signatures in lieu of the publication fee required under Section 830. Any registered voter of the City and County may sign an in-lieu petition for an argument for or against a measure. Each signature shall reduce the amount of the publication fee by the amount specified in Section 840 of this Code. A voter may sign both an initiative or referendum petition and an in-lieu publication fee petition; the petitions, however, must be separate documents.


Any registered voter of the City and County may sign in-lieu of publication fee petition for more than one argument concerning the same measure. However, a registered voter may not sign an in-lieu publication fee petition for one particular argument more than once.


Each in-lieu petition shall include a complete and accurate copy of the text of the proposed argument and shall be submitted in a format prescribed by the Director of Elections. Each petition shall also include spaces for the voter’s signature, printed name and residence address. The residence address shall include street and number within the City and County, or other adequate designation of residence so that the location may be readily ascertained. Across the top of each printed page there shall be printed in 12-point boldface type the following: “Petition in Lieu of Ballot Argument Publication Fee.”


Each in-lieu petition shall include an affidavit signed by the circulator in substantially the same form as set forth in California Elections Code Section 9022, except that the affidavit shall declare that the circulator is a voter of the City and County and shall state the address at which the circulator is registered to vote at the time of the execution of the affidavit.


(Added by Ord. 429-97, App. 11/17/97)


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