§ 521.



Purpose. The ordinance is adopted to promote the policy contained in Administrative Code Section 3.26.


Controller’s Statement. Whenever a proposed appears on the ballot that includes a Set-Aside as that term is defined in Administrative Code Section 3.26, the Controller shall prepare and the Director of Elections shall caused to be printed in the voter information pamphlet a statement analyzing the impact of the measure on the City’s budget and finances during the term of the measure, considered alone and in combination with existing Set-Asides. The Controller’s statement shall inform the voters of both the policy that this section of the Charter adopts and whether the proposal identifies a specific adequate new funding source for the proposed Set-Aside so that the implementation of the Set-Aside will not cause any anticipated reduction in discretionary funding that the Mayor and Board of Supervisors may allocate in the budgetary process. The Controller may include any other material in the statement that he or she deems useful and appropriate.


(Added by Proposition S, § 2, 11/4/2008)


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