§ 502.


The Director of Elections shall cause the voter information pamphlet, sample ballot, notice of polling place, and associated materials (collectively “ballot materials”) to be mailed to each registered San Francisco voter at least 29 days prior to each election, unless the voter has opted to receive ballot materials by electronic means instead of by paper mail. The Director of Elections shall establish a process to enable a voter to opt out of receiving his or her ballot materials by paper mail, and instead receive them electronically via e-mail or by accessing them on the City and County of San Francisco website or the Department of Elections website. This opt out process shall meet the following requirements:


The procedures shall establish a method of providing voters with notice that they may request to receive ballot materials electronically in lieu of receiving them by paper mail.


The voter e-mail address or any other information the voter provides under this section shall remain confidential pursuant to Section 6254.4 of the California Government Code and Section 2194 of the California Elections Code. The Department of Election’s opt out procedures shall provide visible notice to voters about these confidentiality provisions and circumstances when voter information may be disclosed.


The procedures shall provide notice and opportunity for a voter who has opted out of receiving ballot materials by paper mail to opt back into receiving them by paper mail.


The procedures shall allow a voter to apply electronically to become a vote by mail voter.


The procedures shall provide a deadline at least 29 days prior to the election by which a voter may opt out of, or opt back into, receiving his or her sample ballot and other ballot materials by paper mail. If a voter misses this deadline, the request shall take effect the following election.


The procedures shall include a verification process to confirm the voter’s identity, which may be accomplished either by verification of a signature submitted by the voter or by review of other identifying information to be determined by the Director of Elections.


(Added by Ord. 179-11, File No. 101574, App. 9/21/2011; Eff. 10/21/2011)


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